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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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was. it by a vet was the thai apple war cry nobody should underestimate the indignation that they're feeling the. us would benefit i think that the federal government should see this as a message a message that much more blood could be spilled in the ching girl river valley if they continue to pursue the project in this way was. funded by apple wanting to do something they do to out in the open and not behind people's backs like the government my tribe and i i'm not going to accept this.
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site's boards. for one century i'm not sure this is what took him away by britain by frogs regimen would look good mint to us on the solstice were exported from have been for the british ones fault i'm all for my jail for because at all. when i didn't vote for the africans yeah a little but if you leave the money pleads so that has to get ignores all sizzle that the guy next to nothing to contribute. i just
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don't because it doesn't help i don't know yet is it only possible because the whistle. it is the feel of the future i was about thirteen when my father was thinking about all those i'm forty seven now and i find myself still singing about these things my follows fashion for in stein's. it's only. the end of. the line up of. the rhetoric and effort those are drowned out bad. accounts are comparable or sicknesses goes up we have broken. through many companies.
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but it is a nice. groove focus on the front of the lens. at the end of the day see that to see it's not to. still be there long we're still closed on this only to trade up there deval and i'll just let it go and tend to those lost. or to solve the puzzle because that is a loss loss of a lot because i want to know some as it is a new problem with all that is going to. say. that. i thought of. the moon. few people i think of it was while while what i was told it is what i did not get out of the movie. because of all those things to marvin as i think are you going. to. sue me to give them something they're. going to no useful
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way to put this to me they trenton so. you know is making a peaceful protest sad. president not that that in a good. chinese you go to the leader of the moderate go to the cheek and sorry but a peaceful campaign against the ship will company. pull the dictator something fucked up and trumped up charge. it doesn't deny it was god we michael matz. i did you can be a son a comment my father. beat me people have sacrificed risking their lives to put the truth for the generations to understand. we don't want to be like us are well on the phone i see it after i get. called to smile like this you want to believe that you can read we are not twenty words we are. it's very hard to see nonviolence is the solution. if they're you know we.
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don't listen then in law generational well abalos tried nonviolence maybe we should try ballance how do you bring people in that we went to government i was looking right at people. they all say. the bottom line is that when one speaks of genocide one tanks or wonder or allusion never speaks of the congo. or the united nations then is there be a conflict in the world since world war two. was a geological scandal because of the enormous mineral wealth that's in its soil. conflict is based on who's going to control the resources of the congo that's
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really what's at stake we're talking about ten year rainy i'm cobol. you name it irene they have been a spear in the congo and nothing's the matter with us all the soldiers it was very different than what the children at odds. just thought so you have a number of major corporations that are implicated illegally exploiting congo's mineral wealth so you have cabot corporation out of boston massachusetts group out of cleveland ohio you have freeport me out of phoenix arizona microsoft panasonic attaching you have no key motorola being questioned about the crime by tattoo that's used in their cell phones congo as anywhere from sixty four to eighty percent of the world's reserve of coal. the great electric conducted in is found in almost every cell phone in the world and in almost every electronic device so these
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are some of the corporations that have been involved in benefiting from the car on the other hand we have people dying to the tune of fifteen hundred a day forty five thousand a month. in the last ten years hundreds of thousands of women raped. so what really discourages you is to see a patient you treated in two thousand come back five years later with a rape or and even worse than the one she had before this is terribly discouraging what gives us courage is the capacity of these women to fight. if one person is brutalize if they have
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a war by the time. everyone in the area i'm going to take their baggage and leave the community. as they are being displaced this is their religion or. get rich way. of the people. so the actual rape second place the rape of the land and the report of people at least two rapes in the district only link you. believe i am free to ring lobby.
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in the name movement organization is uber does boeing you know the uber does vote in. a way they all want to see. change or people complain buy things. now i would go out into my space a group. we took into trucks to give it to the flights. on the roof oh he's ok get care and have a mobile money for the first years of the. senior war our friends and i kill a lot of people. i was in this group of students movement. you can see there's a man day he has a bomb. no one he does not want to. make
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sure he's caught he just shooting. in on you from the old people nine down below zero it was so so i was so sad to see austin i don't want. i think we just don't want to talk. we just bought by this couple of all those images on my. old phone into the future science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. mission free cretaceous free in-store charges free. range means free. three stooges free.
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food free board to plug in video for your media projects a free media dog r t v dot com. war will get him a note so we have a lot of. groups. all. right enough. but wasn't. the smadi when i was fourteen yes you can. certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women. cannot cross. but. it's up to the shop and construction but stop people in the obama administration
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talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan.
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from the also drawn so i to the door and also from all in the document was taken place when i was close to implicit romney as an artist. because i felt i was mildly gish while the recorded account artistically even though i was doing there was doing so. i just try to encourage the people we show you know what we're seeing and
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to write about it and. the bomb picking up. the pledge you can make a little better and want to move in transforming the lives of the people. to day is the opening of the international women's. to the finish president. you know the one to remove him come. to the very welcome welcome welcome. the liberian women have always been strong we have the only woman president in africa. and we want to make sure that they are more women that's what this coming together is about for
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us to sit down every three months if we possibly can to keep. friends up liberia pockets of liberia. i welcome you all to see me. these women. they are placeholders. sometimes they are the boldest of all of the people trying to stop the war because they have so much invested they know it's their daughters that are going to get great they know it's their sons their are going to be picked up as child soldiers it's their husbands who are going to get killed so they care deeply about stopping that violence. no producer will call them to come to. the school and to educate into the bin to. one million people.
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who are not and they came with machetes spears shouting and looting whole mess they were after the ethnic tutsi towards. the shores there was so much negativity during the genocide but people also showed humanity. there were people who dared during the genocide to hide their neighbors despite the threat to their lives because they could have died most people would ease. after she took me into the house and suggested that i hide up in the roof she put me there she looks hungry and sick i took him in and instructed him to hinds in the attic but when the war the genocide started and i was nine years old i was in third grade. of course i was afraid. i had to be brave because they attack or so
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would come and ask me these days there anyone in the house and i would say no there is nobody if you were me that if i peer out of myself they could kill me and my children i came out after three months together with this brave woman but first a group so we really. need to prevent genocide from happening again in a dress of staggering aftermath so we can rebuild this world and them my advice to people is to have longed. for you to let love come back in manas so that to warn them returns to this country. six years after the chant aside we started printing cripps for a bond and women leaders one of them was a noisy and new. we didn't speak and didn't want to go but this dispute was the one that she had to figure out how you bury eight hundred thousand corpses without any
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quick meant and what to do about five hundred thousand orphans. the women adopted the program. or won't have one it took them to their homes. just as sexist or you could say that you beat it to the. highest percentage of women in any parliament in the world. if it is that strong this huge opening of the cup to the over. there is that this country is. in music the thing to do we will do it but. we unity that equips mission of
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the people. killed. is a bad player not only real wonder that's here at the fest bad festival many countries responded to the invitation this replay of the bellemont fuck off the interim. then it's to be a different level of conflict with the local people who refuse to be involved in war so that it's tomorrow it comes up and says let's go and fight these other pussy just a minute we dance together we sing together why should we fight. you say your shoulder to the show so. we try to sing songs are a peaceable for us i'm a haro it's a piece of boom ways unity and we try to cultivate national pride affected us you
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know. the colors that we wear of the colors of the national fly. the boss sensually is that we are making a contribution to the unification and thus unity which brings a by peace. your mind should look at the darkness but your real and your action driven or trip. regardless of what anybody thinks of the one in government or the regime i think iran is grossly misrepresented. they run your nation as a whole it has always been a defensive posture it's never been in an office of posture. we have been use for intervention in a specific in one thousand fits me when our first democratically elected government
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of said there was overthrown by a cia and the british. there is a very serious wall of mistrust between iran and america because of america's past performance and actions in iraq. they want iraq war was a very stark reminder that they were isolated. as iran was being pounded in and since the western powers were giving arms and weapons to saddam hussein this has been the root of most of the ones mistrust where the rest of the world.
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of. it all you express ourselves through rap music on the motor that we talk about things we see in real life. good judgment. but as comes from nationalism and i'm from the love of our mother. and we're trying to reach people and have our words heard not just in iran but by people all over the world and hopefully will have a positive effect even if it's just a small was. cut cut. cut . and. i always wanted
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to own some homers to melodies of the learned in my childhood and use them in my work ira our. current. it's all silence at the end in so much to a lecture the village that was bombed by saddam hussein and was wiped completely. her. through. it's the history did i think it's one of the common in our century a leader from doing just his own people. the first there is nothing we can do about it but the memory can make you think how to treat men. who lose her was
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what can we do to stop making that happen again as humans not just there's not this one is not the same right he's you know not as citizens of any country but as humans. or. this is basically a deposition of aging from one thousand twenty my interpretation has been to bring all of these elements in this this moral agency and see how it works in fun temporaries time. as i was working with the ransom you're on you're taking place in the green movement so a lot of this is just parts he demands of their shots quite well. all the phones and recorded as roasts made me spill. the
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reason for this uprising is that people didn't vote and their vote was told people . want their voices heard and i thought this movement as a nonviolent civil rights movement. i talked about the symbolism often by and activism of the bill if your mind should look at the darkness but the real action should be driven to work to chance. wealthy british style.
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dogs comb. hidden sorrow. and hope for escape. barely surviving longing for a godsend. they live in a search for gold. why doesn't it bring them wealth. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for langley you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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